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Submitted at:  10 February 2017 15:14:35

similar as the advanced Search module, it would be great,

1.- to have a search module (to put every where, also in banner)
2.- to be able to select one or a few search fields.

I think of the big portals like or
where on the home page, there is already the possibility to search with one or two criterias. This kind of module would be much more user friendly. Today you have to go to a search page, and over a second button or extended filter, you have than, all the filter...

This submission has been rejected.

Reason for rejection:

An advanced search module exists alraedy from a 3rd party developer:

No need to re-invent the wheel.

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On 13 Sep 2017, andre clertant commented:   

it's a shame that sigsiu don't offer an integrated search module !!!
On 6 May 2017, Cristiano Divisani commented:   

Hello, an advanced search module would be a good complement to Sobipro
On 24 Feb 2017, Sean Dettmer commented:   

Hello SobiPro World,
This can already be done by taking the SobiPro search code from the source code and adapting it in a article or module. What I find is this search will not work on the actual SobiPro search page but this could be due to something I'm doing wrong.
I believe a lot of SobiPro customers would benefit from a simple out of the box search module with the option to hide the SobiPro core search.
For instance, if your domain was something like gutteringservices then you would have Roofers, Guttering Specialists and Scaffolders listed on your website.
Your main categories would be "Guttering Services" "Roofing Services and "Scaffolding Services".So a simple search would be "Guttering Specialist in "London" or "Roofer" in "London" and so on.
"Roofer" will be the category field for "Roofing Services" and "London" will be search keyword field.
The following link is a beautiful example of a simple yet quality user friendly search'.
Thank you,
On 22 Feb 2017, Thomas Kühn commented:   

Ist doch aber damit schon möglich ...
Interessanter wäre ein Suchmodul mit Suche in der aktuellen Kategorie - gab es unter Sobi2 schon mal.
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