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Alphabetical ordering of search results




Submitted at:  15 March 2017 19:07:00

It would be very useful for the final user to have the possibility to review the result list in alphabetical order, eventually inserting it as option in the "second entries ordering" drop down menu.

In Search Priority page it's stated that "There is no second entries ordering available with sort the entries according to a fields or alphabetically, as such orderings would need intensive database queries and would slow down the site."

Even so, it would be a useful option if the hosting server is able to execute intensive database queries.

The query could be limited to the name/title in order to speed up ordering process.

This submission has been accepted.

Estimated implementation: SobiPro 1.5

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On 22 Aug 2017, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall commented:   

What would nail this is the ability to have an "order by" drop down (alpha, recent, popular, etc), preferably optional in all listings pages, section, category, search, collection, etc. Why optional? Because some directories like to stick with Random all the way through so all their listings get the same chance at being at the top and they want to stick with just that.
On 22 Jun 2017, Charlie Butler commented:   

I think this could be expanded to allow the Administrator to select the default search order based on the Sobi template settings. This could be placed under Template Settings - Search Form Settings
On 11 Apr 2017, Alessandro Marinello commented:   

awesome idea, would be useful for me too
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