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Collection Application

Restrict number of entries displayed to turn collection app on a better comparisson tool


Submitted at:  30 March 2017 15:25:16

Restrict number of entries displayed on favorites to turn collection app on a properly comparisson tool.

This could be usefull in order to allow users to compare entries, with the collection app. Is important because as collection is developed today, the user can choose several entries to send to favorites..

In the comparisson option could be better just to restrict to display 2 or maximum 3 entries to be compared displaying the fields side by side. In this option should be very usefull to show mor fields than the fileds normally displayed in the vew card, and show even all the fields present in the details view, in order to make a real comparisson of the entries dieplayed side by side.

The restriction prevent that the user choose several entries and avoid that then, when he goes to the comparison listing page, find there too much info that can be managed properly when many entries ther are showing too many info.

Best regards.

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