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New application

Fields "Mask" for Categories


Submitted at:  12 May 2018 00:48:07

The current system allows unique field sets per section. Fields are not shareable between sections. For either core or as a premium Application, I propose the ability to assign Section Fields as needed per Category and Sub-Category.

Upon creation of a new, or while editing an exiting Category or Sub-Category, a list of fields can be selected to be included for that category. Being able to copy an existing category's field set would be a bonus in expediting creation. Shortcuts to select all or none would also be beneficial.

One example use case: Computer Electronics
Section: Computer Components
Category 1: Processors
Category 2: Motherboards

Shared Fields:

Unique Fields for Processors:

Unique Fields for Motherboards:
PCIe Slots


A more personal use case:

Section: Resources
Category 1: Learning Sites
Category 2: Software

Shared Fields:

Unique Fields for Learning Sites:
Learning Content
Interactivity Level
Certification/Degree offered

Unique Fields for Software:
Operating Systems
Classification (audio, graphics, etc.)
Open Source?

Developer note:

Due to the structure of SobiPro it is not possible to define fields used by several sections. Sections are completely independant of each other and each of them must define its own fields. Sections which are that similar that they have a) the same fields and b) the same layout (template) are not sections, but categories.

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