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Define Fields Per Category


Submitted at:  3 June 2018 06:13:47

Proposal: Functionality to define what fields are visible per category on the frontend and backend while adding, editing, and viewing entries

Current Situation:
The only way to limit what fields are available for an entry is by defining them per section. The fields defined in one section cannot be used by another section. "Entry Fields" tab when editing or creating a category does not function as proposed here. Reference:

The Problem:
It is possible that multiple categories within a section, while all sharing core fields like name, website, etc., may require unique fields within a single category. As of now the only way to do this is with complicated modifications of templates. (verified in ticket)

When creating or editing a category, a new tab will be offered to select what fields will be used within the category. This functions as a mask; it only prevents the fields from rendering when an entry is being edited or created. I think it would be better if this was handled via PHP instead of adding a display:none CSS tag.
Benefit: If a field is hidden and later restored, the previous information entered will still exist within the database. Not using the CSS tag will prevent unwanted data from being viewable within HTML.

Selecting multiple categories combines all fields used within each selected category.
[option 1] When selecting one or more categories, fields will be dynamically added and removed as necessary.
[option 2] After selecting categories, the entry must be saved and refreshed for the fields to populate.

This submission has been rejected.

Reason for rejection:


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