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Collection Application 2.0 released

Collection Application 2.0 released

As next application converted for SobiPro 2, we released today the Collection Application 2.0.

The Collection application lets your users and/or visitors 'collect' entries from a SobiPro section. These entries can be collected either only in the general collection list, the so called Favourites, or in specific collection lists.

Each user, even guests have their own collections. Collections can be shared with others by email invitation. Emails can be send to the owners of the collected entries.

This Collection Application can be used for:

  • Create one or more favourites lists
  • Create a comparison list
  • Create a list of people/companies to contact
  • and many more...

The Collection Application contains three different templates which allow to present entries in a collection as a horizontal or vertical table or as a list.

More information are available in the Changelog of the application.

The Collection Application is available for Silver and Gold Subscriptions.
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