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SobiPro is the most advanced Multi-Directory Component for Joomla!
With only one SobiPro installation, you can build any kind of content on your website. It is flexible, fully customisable and mobile friendly.

SobiPro is a sophisticated, very extensible, highly configurable and powerful multi-directory component with content construction support for the award winning content management system Joomla!.
How time flies!
Again a year passed by and it brought to you some new SobiPro applications and updates.
SobiRestara 3.1 released
We released SobiRestara 3.1 which was updated to the new template features of SobiPro's default template. Additionally some minor bugs were fixed.
SobiPro 1.3.7 released!
We released SobiPro 1.3.7. This is the last maintenance release of SobiPro 1.3, as SobiPro 1.4 will be released soon.
New features for Review and Rating application
We released an update for the Review and Rating application with some exciting new features!
All language packages updated
Due to a problem with the language files Transifex generates, and the more strict loading mechanism of Joomla! 3.7, we had to update all language packages.
SobiPro 1.3.6 released
We updated SobiPro to version 1.3.6. This is a minor security release. Update of SobiPro is recommended!
Disqus Integration
The Disqus Integration for SobiPro is now available again!
Add your site to our Showcase Directory
We just published our SobiPro showcase directory to show the power and diversity of SobiPro.
New Coupon Field available for SobiPro
The new Coupon field allows to give discounts or additional publishing days using a promo code.
Notifications Application supports Coupon Field
Version 2.3 of the Notifications application is now available to download and in repository.
SobiPro 1.3.3 released
We updated SobiPro to version 1.3.3. New features are implemented and bugs are fixed.
Idea Pool on-line now
Our new Idea Pool is now on-line.
You have an idea for a feature for SobiPro? Submit your idea now and help to improve SobiPro.
Holiday Special
The Holiday season is coming, and some of us get presents under a Christmas tree. But our Holiday special is available for all!
Update of Expiration Application
Version 1.3 of the Expiration application is now available to download and in repository.
Download Field updated
Version 2.1 of the Download field is now available to download and in repository.
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