Multi-Directory Component for Joomla!

SobiPro is the most advanced Multi-Directory Component for Joomla!
With only one SobiPro installation, you can build any kind of content on your website. It is flexible, fully customisable and mobile friendly.

SobiPro is a sophisticated, very extensible, highly configurable and powerful multi-directory component with content construction support for the award winning content management system Joomla!.
Profile Field update
An update of the Profile Field is available. It is now compatible with the new default3 template of SobiPro 1.2 and Bootstrap 3.
Launch of new SobiPro demo site
We are proud to present the new demo site for SobiPro.
SobiRestara 3.0 - The new shiny Restaurant Guide template
We are proud to announce finally the release of the new shiny SobiRestara template!
SobiPro 1.2.2 released!
We just released SobiPro 1.2.2.
This is a maintenance update with several bugs fixed, some improvements and some new features.
An update of the Contact Form Field is available
The last day of the year 2015 comes with an update of the Contact Form Field which got a new Bootstrap 3 compatible layout for the forms.
SobiPro 1.2.1 available
We just released SobiPro 1.2.1. It comes with a bunch of new features such as back-end ACL and advanced template settings. It is recommended to update SobiPro.
Indonesian and Dutch Languages updated
Updated versions of the Indonesian and Dutch languages are now available to download.
Holiday Special
The Holiday season is coming, and some of us get presents under a Christmas tree. But our Holiday special is available for all!
Update for SP-GeoMap Field available
An update of the SP-GeoMap Field is available. This is a maintenance release with adaption of the layout to the new default3 template of SobiPro 1.2.
Aggregation Field update
An update of the Aggregation Field is available. It is now completely adapted to the new default3 template of SobiPro 1.2.
Catalan Language for SobiPro
The Catalan language is now available to download. Thus SobiPro is now translated into 28! languages.
Review and Rating Application updated
The first release of the upcoming package, an update of the Review and Rating Application is available now.
What's coming next
We are going to release as next package: the Review & Rating app, the Aggregation Field, the SP-GeoMap Field, SobiPro 1.2.1, the Contact Form Field and SobiRestara 3.0!
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

The holiday shopping season starts...
From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we offer a 20% discount!

Stay tuned!
Languages updated
Our translation teams are proud to announce the update of the translation of the Spanish, Persian and German language packages.
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