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The virtual hat

SobiPro Showcase: The virtual hat
THE VIRTUAL HAT is a platform, that offers artists who don't earn money due to the corona pandemic new chances. They can setup a profile showing their skills, describing their situation, showing videos etc. As an important part they can receive donations via PayPal.
The project is based on the idea how streetmusicians earn:
Passersby can listen and watch - but they don't have to. Those who like what they see can donate the amount they wish to give...
Everything important is said in the description above.
In this project we learned, that a Gold-Subscription is worth gold :-)
We would never have reached what we reached in this time without the prompt and professonal support!
Thank you so much!

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The following templates for SobiPro are used on the site:

The following 3rd party templates for SobiPro are used on the site:

We took the default template and modified it heavily.
Thanks to Sikor for allt the help, tipps and hints!
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