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Find interesting stuff about SobiPro, Joomla and things around these famous CMS and directory system in the Sobi Blog. The blog articles describe also things you always wanted to know to build a unique and impressive site.

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New blog section opened

We just opened our new blog section where we want to post about SobiPro, Joomla, and other topics worthwhile to read.

Like most of the content on our site, also this blog is a SobiPro section, connected via the profile field to another section, the authors section. The section view of the authors section got the layout of a standard SobiPro article and replaced the previous teams article. To comment the posts, the Disqus integration for SobiPro is enabled for the blog section.

We want to provide here information about SobiPro, Joomla, the Joomla community, and other topics worthwhile to read. Stay tuned!

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Sigrid lives in a small village near Frankfurt on the Main in Germany.
She studied electrical engineering before starting to work as a software developer for industrial products with Microsoft C++/MFC.
Since 2009, Sigrid works full time for the Sobi projects.
Her programming experiences started with Pascal and C programming languages, followed by C++, which is a good foundation for developing software for Joomla, especially since the object-oriented development techniques she is familiar with have found their way into PHP.

Besides her development work for the Sobi project, she is mainly responsible for design solutions, quality management, as well as for all business affairs and public relations. Sigrid is also responsible for the translations and documentation for SobiPro and for the corporate and demo websites of Sigsiu.NET.

Sigrid is member of the German J and Beyond e.V.. She is involved in Joomla! for many years. Her former positions include the assistant team leader of the Joomla Events Team and team leader of the Joomla Social Media team.

Sigrid enjoys cuisine, beekeeping and the outdoors in her leisure time, including spending time working in the garden. She also enjoys knitting and crocheting and taking professional product photos of the results.

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