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Installation, Update - Application, Template and Language Installation

Application, Template and Language Installation

Last updated: 3. October 2017

Refers to version: 1.4+

SobiPro features an application manager that allows to install SobiPro applications, templates and language packages with a simple 1-click installation.

First download the application you want to install via the application manager from our website. The application installation package is 'zip' packed.

Access the Application Manager

SobiPro Control Panel Menu screenshot

Sign in to your Joomla administration (back-end) and select SobiPro from the Joomla! components menu. Once in SobiPro's control panel click on the quick link icon for the Application Manager or select the Application Manager from the menu's drop-down list.

SobiPro Control Panel screenshot

Install an Application

Once the SobiPro Application Manager screen opens you will see the Installed Applications screen. Click the Select File button above the list of installed applications.

SobiPro Application Manager - Installation screenshot

When clicked on the Select File button, a pop-up box will open. Navigate to where you have the application, template package or the language package stored on your local PC, select it and click Open.

SobiPro Application Manager - Browse to SobiPro Application Package screenshot

The installation package will be uploaded and installed immediately. You will get a message that the application as been installed or an error message, in case an error has occurred.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed a SobiPro application, template or language package and can use it in any of your directory sections.

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