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SobiPro Announcement
SobiPro 2.3.6 is available!

As an active customer download the full version of SobiPro from the description page or as a visitor download the demo version.

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SobiPro Demo version

Download here the demo version of SobiPro 2 free of charge.

The purpose of the demo version is to show you how SobiPro looks like and what it can, but has a limited feature set. With a subscription, you get the full version of SobiPro with all features.

The demo version can also be used on small websites with the restrictions in mind.

Available languages:

Danish (da-DK)English (en-GB)German (de-DE)Italian (it-IT)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Swedish (sv-SE)Turkish (tr-TR)

The full version gives you access to the following additional features:

  • Adding more sections
    The demo version is limited to one section only.
  • Installing applications manually
    The demo version does not allow installing applications manually.
    Applications can be installed only via the repository.
  • Choosing other templates than the default one.
    The demo version is limited to the default template.
    Please note, the default template is subject to change on update of SobiPro!
  • Adding more than 20 fields
    The demo version is limited to 20 fields.
  • Crawling the site to build the SobiPro cache in a fast way
    In the demo version the crawler is disabled.
  • Possibility to change the payment demo data to real ones
    In the demo version the demo data for Paypal and Offline payments cannot be changed.
  • Log the modifications made on entries
    In the demo version you cannot log the modifications made in your SobiPro installation.
  • Versioning of entries
    In the demo version, versioning of entries is not available. You cannot go back to a previous version of an entry.

This list may not be final and can be subject to change.

With a subscription, you will get also access to ...

  • additional applications for SobiPro
  • the full documentation for SobiPro and its applications
  • professional support in our ticket system.
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