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The SobiMembers Template

SobiMembers is a SobiPro template which allows to easily create a professional members directory. With a lot of features integrated, It is very flexible in it's usage and it is fully responsive out of the box. Version 3 is compatible with SobiPro 1.2+. It uses the Bootstrap 3 template framework and Font Awesome 4 for icons, both provided by SobiPro.

The installation of this template creates a new section in your SobiPro component and adds several fields and one category to it.

Details View and vCard of SobiMembers on desktop and mobile phone SobiMembers screenshot

Demo of SobiMembers

Available languages:

English (en-GB)

SInstallation of SobiMembers

Install and configure the "SobiMembers" template

SFields of SobiMembers

Description of the fields using in SobiMembers 3 template

SSobiMembers Template Settings

Description of the template settings

SCustomisation of SobiMembers

Find tips to customise your SobiMembers template

SSobiMembers File Structure

Find tips to customise your SobiMembers template
Version: 3.0
Joomla 3.x
SobiPro 1.2.4+
Last update: 21 July 2016
License: Sigsiu.NET Template License V1
MD5: b5a226dd569fbf424a12a640402e2d39
Filesize: 2485.9 kB
To download this file a Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription is needed.
Download Statistics:

Recent version: 485

All versions from site: 1176

All versions from repository: 1962

Total Downloads: 3138


3.0 (20 July 2016)
(+) Implementation of the features of B3-default3 template 3.1
(!) Usage of Bootstrap 3 instead of Bootstrap 2
(!) Full redesign of all templates

2.0 (omitted)

1.1 (24 June 2015)
(!) Birthday field changed to inputbox field

1.0 (19 August 2014) - first public release


At the moment this template cannot be installed under PHP 7. If possible lower your PHP version for the installation process. However, once installed it works perfectly with PHP 7.


  • At least SobiPro 1.2.4
  • Profile Field 2.2+
  • Aggregation Field 2.1+
  • SP-GeoMap Field 3.3+
  • QR-Code Field 2.0+
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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This documentation and all images therein are copyrighted and protected by law. You may not publish, distribute or sell them, or parts of it, without explicit written permission of Sigsiu.NET GmbH.

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