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SobiPro Showcase: The UNEXPECTED lists the artists and murals of The UNEXPECTED Mural Festival in Fort Smith, AR. Visitors can view murals by year, by artist or by location, using the geo-targeted maps. Come explore The UNEXPECTED and learn more about this one-of-a-kind event.
The director of The UNEXPECTED contacted us, asking us to develop a user friendly, mobile friendly responsive website to allow visitors to virtually tour the festival, but also to learn more about the artists and artwork. SobiPro seemed the perfect solution, as the geo-targeted mapping would help visitors find and view the artwork in real life. Also, subsequent artists and artwork can be expanded yearly as each new festival occurs.

The site uses the following templates and extensions:
1. Paw Creative template by JoomlaXTC
2. SobiPro - members and business directory.
3. Akeeba Backup
4. Creative Contact Form

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