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Installation, Update - Update SobiPro Component

Update SobiPro Component

Last updated: 4. October 2017

Refers to version: 1.0+

Updating SobiPro will be done via the Joomla! installer, same as if you install SobiPro.

To update SobiPro to the most recent version you need to install all main versions sequentially. Means, if you upgrade from 1.0.x, first install 1.0.8, then 1.1.13, then 1.2.4 then 1.3.7 and then 1.4.x until you reach the most recent version. You will find these older versions in the Download Archive.

If you upgrade SobiPro from an 1.0.x version, please see also the Special instructions if you upgrade SobiPro from an 1.0.x version.

The following methods are available to update SobiPro:

The installation process will overwrite only SobiPro core files. As the default template is part of the SobiPro core, it will be overwritten. Make sure that you have duplicated it before update. Ideally, before you started to make your template changes.

Also configuration files which are not within your SobiPro template folders, are core files and will be overwritten. Be sure you used the configuration file override mechanism, if you made changes to them.

Your data, stored in the database, remains untouched!

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