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Camping guide -

SobiPro Showcase: Camping guide -
Community driven RV parks database. We are one of the largest databases in this field. Currently for Europe, planned worldwide. A mobile home or RV park is a special kind of campsite.
The website combined two strong joomla components, SobiPro and Community Builder.
Both belong to the core components, without the side would make any sense.

The search function is one of the most important function. Here I have a lot of time invested and made some core modifications (SobiPro and third-party software) in order to get the desired result.
This, of course, complicates the update process. All modifications must be repeated for each update.
At my users the radius search is very popular. By double-clicking on the map, the search can be started, but also by entering a location. This combined with the other search criteria, it is a very strong search engine.
Another modification is that the search criteria are displayed as horizontal list above the map (javascript) and can be saved by the user (cookie). The criteria than are set automatically at the next search process.

The following applications for SobiPro are used on the site:

The following 3rd party applications for SobiPro are used on the site:

ST Gallery Field (maybe obsolete in short), Radius Search Application (myjoom, modified by me), Nearby Entries for SobiPro (modfied/rewritten)

The following templates for SobiPro are used on the site:

The following 3rd party templates for SobiPro are used on the site:

Own template, based on B3-default template
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