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SobiPro 2.0.2 stable is available!

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The Review and Rating Application


The SobiPro Review and Rating Application allows to extend your SobiPro directory to a fully featured review site. It will allow you to set up ratings for several different criteria, as well as allow visitors to list likes and dislikes along with the review.
Reviews can be edited from front-end by either the reviewer, the entry owner or a moderator.

Features List:
  • adding reviews w/o rating by registered or un-registered (guests) users
  • only reviews or only ratings possible
  • definition of your own rating criteria (rating fields)
  • weighting factors for ratings
  • adding 'likes' and 'dislikes'
  • adds 6 new ACL permission rules to SobiPro: user may 'add own review', 'see valid reviews', 'autopublish own review', 'edit own review', 'edit any review', 'edit any review in own entry'
  • manage (publish, approve, edit, delete) reviews in the administrator area (back-end)
  • ajax navigation among the standard navigation (fallback)
  • review content parser to parse e.g. URLs within a review
  • filter for bad words
  • usage of 'rich snippets' for Google rating (microdata,
  • special listings like top rated and most rated
  • send notification emails (new review, review approval, ...) via Notifications application
  • adds 7 additional email triggers to the Notifications application
  • email templates via Notifications application
  • email placeholders for entry and site data
  • all sent review messages listed in the Notifications list
  • 'Report Review' function
  • several languages available
Ratings for an entry (front-end)
Add a review
Criteria Fields
Edit criterion
Review settings
Abuse Reports
List of all reviews (back-end)
Rating summary for an entry (back-end)
Rating summary box for an entry (front-end)

SReview and Rating Application Installation

Install the Review and Rating application with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of Review and Rating Application via Repository

Installation of the Review and Rating application via repository

SActivation of Review and Rating Application

Activation of the Review and Rating application for a section

SReview and Rating Application Configuration

Configuration settings for the Review and Rating application

STemplate Configuration for Review and Rating Application

Template Settings for the Review and Rating application

SReview and Rating Application Template Code

Adding the Review and Rating template code to vCard and Details View templates

SACL Settings for Review and Rating Application

Access Control List (ACL) settings for the Review and Rating application

SManage Reviews and Ratings

Edit, delete, approve, publish and un-publish reviews

SNotifications about Reviews

Send notifications about reviews

SThe Review and Rating Templates

Understanding and modifying the Review and Rating templates

SReview and Rating Nodes in Listing Views

Description of the XML nodes of the Review and Rating application available in the listing views

freeUpdate a SobiPro application

Update notifications and updating SobiPro applications
The Review and Rating Application
Version: 2.3
Joomla 3.xSobiPro 1.3.7+
Last update: 31 October 2017
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 861a1d597cd85b2c8e13b44e058724e4
Filesize: 312.6 kB
To download this file a Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription or Review and Rating App Subscription is needed.
Do you like The Review and Rating Application? Please leave a review at Joomla Extensions Directory!
Remarks: To use the Report Review function and to send out emails, the Notifications Application has to be installed!

If you update the Review and Rating application from a version below 2.2, you need to delete the files '/common/reviews.xsl', 'css/review.less', 'css/review.css' and the folder 'review-rating' from your section template. Then go to the Review and Rating configuration screen. This will copy the new template files to your section template.
If you have modified the Review and Rating template files, you need to adapt your changes to the new template files.

Review and Rating application version 2.2+ does NOT work with the old template files!

More information can be found in Update of Review and Rating application
  • "Review was helpful" voting for a review
  • Ordering by how helpful review was
  • Frontend approval and publishing functionality
  • Module for top rated and most rated
  • Login with Facebook or Twitter account to write a review
  • Order reviews by rating in a particular criteria field
  • Special listing for Likes and Dislikes
Download Statistics:

Recent version: 358

All versions from site: 6706

All versions from repository: 6379

Total Downloads: 13085

Changelog: 2.3 (31 October 2017)
(!) Languages updated
(#) Not approved reviews are counted in top and most ratings views (Issue #2)
(#) Reviews can't be deleted (Issue #3)
(#) CSS file loaded from media folder instead of template folder; CSS file removed from media folder
(#) 'More Reviews' button is hidden if there are more than 9 reviews (Issue #1)

2.2 (27 April 2017)
(+) Usage of template storage
(+) Un-published status of a review shown in template
(+) Possibility for the reviewer to edit and delete his review
(+) Possibility for the entry owner to edit and delete reviews for his entry
(+) Possibility for manager to edit and delete reviews from front-end
(+) Possibility to allow skipping ratings (skipped ratings aren't counted in overall rating result)
(+) Additional CSS class to extend possibilities of styling censored words
(+) Bosnian and Hebrew languages added (partially translated)
(!) Possible numbers of reviews per page adjusted
(!) Debug output in back-end removed :)
(!) Bootstrap 2 CSS not longer loaded in DV
(!) Font size settings removed from CSS file
(!) Menu link selection layout improved
(!) Left column more wide
(!) Some performance improvements
(!) Positive/negative points shown in review (back-end) only if enabled
(!) Star Rating library changed to jQuery StarRatingSvg v1.1.0
(!) Adaption to SobiPro 1.4 back-end layout
(!) Language files cleaned
(#) Rating star results in back-end misaligned
(#) Creation date set to 0 after editing review (Issue #1717)
(#) Reviews made by guests with autopublish.own permission are not approved; only published
(#) Approve isn't triggered for users with autopublish.own permission (Issue #1656)

2.1 (30 November 2015)
(+) Less and CSS files now available in default template
(+) Hint if no reviews are available yet
(+) Bootbox for Bootstrap 3
(+) Number of reviews available in template
(+) Bootstrap 3 support in XSL templates
(+) Brazilian, Catalan, Farsi/Persian, Indonesian, Latvian and Slovak languages added (thanks to our translation teams)
(!) Template modifications for default3 template
(!) Layout improvements
(!) New template files' structure
(!) Configuration moved to 'Section Applications'
(#) Revert Report Message Types option after saving reviews configuration in other section (Issue #1429)
(#) Date in Review and Rating application (Issue #1372)
(#) Wrong tooltip class in review template (Issue #1237)
(#) Creating top or most rated menu item (Issue #1156)
(#) Wrong order in most rated view (Issue #1525)

2.0 (30 July 2013)
(+) SobiPro 1.1 compatibility
(+) Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese languages added (thanks to our translation teams)
(some languages are only translated partially)
(+) Ordering of reviews in administrator area
(+) "bad words" filter
(+) Review content parser to parse e.g. urls within a review
(+) Added "most rated" listings
(+) Added "top rated" listings
(+) IP of review author shown in administration area
(+) Only reviews possible
(+) Ajax navigation among the standard navigation
(+) Different star colors available
(!) jQuery Star Rating Plugin updated
(!) Standard Review notification messages revised
(!) Default Review template revised
(!) Rich snippets adapted to markup (issue 710)
(!) Review author can be reassigned in administration area
(!) Separate CSS file for backend
(#) & in review texts (issue 916)
(#) Positive/negative points wrong if not given (issue 709)
(#) A rating value of 0 is not longer accepted (issue 913)
(#) Abuse texts from language file may now contain single quotation marks (apostrophes) preceded by a backslash
(#) Ratings without reviews works now

0.6.0 (24 January 2012)
(+) Swedish Language (thanks to JOKR Solutions)
(+) Spanish Language (thanks to Isidro Baquero)
(+) Croatian Language (thanks to Tanja Dragisic)
(+) French Language (thanks to Eric Lamy)
(+) Bulgarian language (thanks to Stefan Ilivanov)
(+) Finnish language (thanks to Jani Mattila)
(+) Notifications Support
(+) 'Report Review' function
(+) Rich snippets for Reviews in default review template
(!) Use of PHP short text removed
(#) Polish Language fixed
(#) All reviews always visible in each section in the administrator area

0.5.0 (06 July 2011) - first public release

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