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  1. Stuart Forrester
  2. Community Area
  3. Wednesday, 08 March 2017

We have an issue where after an initial search, the term never changes and the results revert back to the initial search term

To repeat our issue
Click the search option and enter the term 'Trend' and search
The result page returns the information
Now change the search terms to 'tourism' and 'Start Search'
The result page is the same as before and the search term reverts back to Trend

Any ideas as to why?

Also noted the labels option to modify the search phrase disappear from the original start Search page

Any help very much appreciated :)
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Thanks for the reply.

On stepping back from the problem I looked at the template the client was using and saw they were using the T3 framework with caching enabled.

Disabling the template cache and the search function went back to normal.

Hope this helps someone else :)
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Your search seems to work fine for me, try cleaning your browser cache.
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