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  1. Joan Moore
  2. Community Area
  3. Saturday, 27 November 2021
I use SobiPro for a business directory on our Website. When I have "all entries" displayed, the headings shown are ID, Name, Email, State, Approval, Date Modified and Owner. I'd like to remove the Date Modified and instead, show the "Valid Until" date so that I can see at a quick glance when each business membership expires.

I'm not familiar at all with how to modify the template, but my ISP is pretty handy with it. Can someone please provide the instructions and location and name of the template, so we can modify it?

Issue #2 - as I am viewing my website and clicked on membership directory, then chose any given category (such as insurance, or restaurants,) they are not showing up in alphabetical order. I prefer that they do.

Please provide instructions, name and location of template to modify, and what needs to be change.

Thank you so much for any guidance.
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I understand you mean admin all entries view. Back end templates are located in the /administrator/components/com_sobipro folder, and generated from xml files.

About 2nd issue, depending from the template version, entries order can be set in the template configuration or in teh template config.ini file.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

You are correct with issue #1 above - the back end.

I'm sorry to say I do not understand the process for changing the template from showing "Date Motified" to "Valid Until". Please see attached screen shots. Thank you!
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