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The default Template

With SobiPro 1.4 we provide a default template included in SobiPro, what is now in its forth generation. The default4 template is a sophisticated template with a lot of features implemented, using a loop to show the fields defined in the fields manager. It is based on the Bootstrap 3 template framework and uses Font Awesome 3 for the icons. Bootstrap and Font Awesome are both included by SobiPro or accessible via CDN.

With SobiPro 1.4 and the template V4 we moved a step further to our goal to simplify template design.

The default template on desktop, tablet and mobile phone screenshot

Demo of SobiPro with default template

Template Settings V4

Template Settings for the default template included in the full version of SobiPro

File Structure of the default Template

The file structure of the default SobiPro template included in the SobiPro package

SCreate a custom colour set

Description for creating your own custom colour set for a SobiPro template

STypography V4

Typography of SobiPro's default template

SGeneral Template Configuration File

Elements of the SobiPro template configuration files

SContent of Details View Template

Description of the default Details View template for SobiPro entries

SContent of vCard Template

Description of the default vCard template for SobiPro entries

SContent of Entry Form Template

The default entry form template and how to modify it
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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