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  1. Stanley Arthur Rieck
  2. Community Area
  3. Sunday, 27 December 2020
Hi all,

I am by no means a developer, and although I have worked with sobi 2 many years ago, I entrusted my new venture to include Sobi Pro for my business listings. I ma however experiencing a few issues, or rather, a few hurdles. First off I have no ideas how to create my own add entry page, and i am a bit restricted with layout on the default one, as items appear as they are in order, which is not giving me an optimal business listings, as the items on the details appear as per the ordering of the entered parameters. I also have no idea or comprehension of how the nodes work, I will look at the layout of the add entry page, and details page when I have more chance to try get a grasp of what all this means.

Add Entry Page

1.) I have added the Sobi Profile manager and set it up, and it works fine when adding a new entry as a public user, however when you are registered and logged in, the username and password still appear as entry boxes on the add entry page? This should not be the case, as the business listing should then be linked to the registered member, and instead only show the username and no password field.

2.) When adding an entry, I do not want the fields automatically shown under the question:

"Premium Supplier
Would you like to become a premium supplier on CooCoo?"

All fields under this should only be shown if the user has selected "YES". How do i therefore hide all fields from "Full description" to "Service/Product 3"

3.) What is the best way to have the form have 2 columns. I managed this by adding "Float-left" in the css class area, however the sizes are then erratic... I would like the website form to have 2 columns where possible, as the form just looks very long.

4) I know before I could link the Sobi2 Add entry to RSForms, and this helped alot with the add entry page layout, is this available for Sobi Pro?

5) I have installed all applications, however the "Collection Application" is stuborn, stops at 75% via repository, and never installs, even the downloaded version installed on the "Installed Applications" screen goes to 100%, but does not install or show under applications?

I hope my answers are not considered dumb, and perhaps they have been answered elsewhere, however I have not been able to find any as yet and would appreciate any help from the community.
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